Welcome to PTJ’s #SEVENDAYSOFSMOOTHIES. No I haven’t gone mad, it’s just that I’ve had to get last minute Wisdom tooth surgery and now I’m just on liquids for now. I’m not one for detox diets or liquidising my meals into brown sludge, because I’m not preparing for the Victoria’s Secret show, nor am I a body builder. I like food. Food makes me happy. So how to go about this temporary eating dilemma? I’ve Shanghaied the opportunity and decided to explore the dimensions of smoothie making to find some deliciousness. I will not be making any kind of ‘diet’ versions during this period, because I don’t believe in loosing weight by blending a million and one things into something that looks more like sewage than anything remotely edible. I also believe in balancing out your diet so that you don’t feel the need to add all of those extras into your morning shake – unless you are my sister and need super stamina to be a pole dancing teacher day in, day out. In these special cases, supplements are probably recommended. So if you like to welcome the day in liquid form, but still enjoy it, I urge you to try these smoothies to come a try, or maybe even wizard up your own!

Below I have started off the experimental week with a bang: Picture fresh pandan, squeezed into juice form, combined with banana, coconut milk, sea salt, and whizzed up into a creamy dreamy beverage. Yes, let the blender magic begin.

(I’m looking forward to the days to come, but secretly craving a burger).


PTJ’s Coco Panana Smoothie

You will need:
6 leaves of pandan, washed and cut roughly
1 banana
3/4 cup of coconut milk
pinch of sea salt

Blend the pandan leaves in about 1/4 Cup water until you get a green liquid. Strain in some muslin cloth, squeezing all the juice out. Pour the resulting liquid into your smoothie blender, add the banana, coconut milk, and salt, and blend until smooth. Serve over ice or just stick a straw into the cup.

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