Documents of the Black Lives Matter protests, New York City

Documents of the Black Lives Matter protests, New York City

As the world struggles with racism, we have been watching the United States closely as black people continue the fight against police brutality. To our audience of many different races and cultures, black people are the only people who came to America in chains. The treatment of black people in America is and always has been a crime against humanity. Racism cannot be stopped, it can only be held accountable.

Today our friend and contributor Eric Kvatek shares his photo documents of the Black Lives Matter protests of New York City.

"These photos represent a daily silent protest in Brooklyn at McCarren Park and a protest march in downtown Manhattan on June 2nd. On all days of the week in NYC there are multiple events in all boroughs including Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx. Since the death of George Floyd there have been numerous daily protests, vigils and marches all across the United States and elsewhere in the world addressing racial inequality, police brutality and specifically that Black Lives Matter. Most of the events that I attend I do not take photographs so that I can be silent, listen and learn." - Eric Kvatek

Words by Lauren Yates, photographs by Eric Kvatek.

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