In the proud Lone Star State, not even the mundane is overlooked. I’d like to introduce you to the Texas and beaver-themed supersize highway gas station, BUC-EE’S. A place where many "hold it" and drive a little farther for the super-scrubbed restroom and the gigantic convenient store.

To see fuel pumps and tons of products stocked and stacked to perfection in these huge places makes me question the individual food and fuel consumption rate. If emissions continue to rise beyond 2020, or even remain level, the temperature goals set in Paris become almost unattainable and that would cause deadly heat waves, ravaging wildfires, widespread plant and animal extinctions, and potentially many feet of runaway sea-level rise.

We often have a misconception of having no real power as an individual but that is not true. Some of the simplest ways is to eat local (organic), eating less meat, line-dry our clothes, unplug devices when ever possible, setting that washing machine to cold, ride a bicycle instead of driving, plant a garden.

The questions of food availability in the different parts of the world also comes to my mind and why world hunger is still a trend on the rise. I know I’m coming off a bit like Miss pageant but there're just lots of food in too few places. So many times we don't know how to help. Well my friends, it all in the little choices we make in daily life, I believe every bit counts and it all start with us to create the ripple effect.

This station is of a typical size, nothing compared to the Travel Center, the biggest one equipped with 120 gas pumps, 83 toilets, 31 cash registers, 4 ice machines, and 80 soda fountain dispensers. It’s insane to even imagine!

The layout of this place is simple and it flows with efficiency; somewhat futuristic like The Jetsons cartoon from the 60s.

Cover Beaver photo by Allison V. Smith. Words and pictures - Buranee Soh

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