This month I’m featured in the beauty segment of Womens Health Magazine shot by Christoper Wadsworth. People often ask me about my skin: what products I use, about my daily regime , and so on so forth. So here it is! No secrets!!!!

My family has a history of ‘bad skin’, and as an awkward teen I tried my best to fight against the forces of nature to have the flawless, airbrushed skin we see on tv and in magazines. Sometimes genes win… but you can still do the best you possibly can to minimise impact of environmental elements. My first rule of thumb is: healthy insides = healthy outsides. I don’t believe in a miracle formula that you can leave on your skin overnight that will solve all of your problems. Over the years I proven to myself that eating lots of greens, drinking plenty of water, reducing my sugar intake, and exercising regularly have influenced how my skin looks and feels. If there is one thing I would add to this note, it would be to drink a daily dose of liquid chlorophyll to detoxify your system and in turn your largest organ, your skin.

I would also like to share with you my daily skin regime! I have never stuck to one particular product for more than a few months, but I do however have a process that I follow when tending to my skin morning and night:

  1. Washing: I use a low-fragrance, foaming face wash (at the moment it’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser by Kiehl’s) and a super soft brush (cheaper: Dermalogica / dearer: Clarisonic) to cleanse.

  2. Hydrating: After my face is clean and dry, I spray an alcohol-free hydrating mist onto my face and leave it to dry. This will add extra moisture to your skin. I was first introduced to this with Dermalogica‘s Multi Active Toner, but now I use the less expensive Bee Venom Mist Essence (yes, the name is a little strange!) by Nature Republic.

  3. Moisturising: For daytime, I use a moisturiser that is light/heavy enough for the climate that has an SPF, otherwise I will put sunscreen on top. At night I use a moisturiser that is specifically formulated for night-use that is usually thicker and will provide more moisture while you sleep. Nowadays, I try to buy locally made products that are natural and are fragrance free. At the moment I am using day and night moisturisers by Thai brand ‘Tamachart’ from Khao Kho Natural Farm.

  4. Extra Help: At night I massage Rose Hip oil under my eyes, on the end of my nose, and along the horizontal plain of my forehead to promote elasticity and give those drier (wrinkle prone) areas a little boost of antioxidants and moisture. I hope this extra step will help me in the future! For this I use Akin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil which doesn’t break the bank. Once a week, I also mask using a clay-based mask that will remove dead cells and dirt (which is especially helpful when you live in a hot climate) in an ultra-gentle way. I never use anything that is coarse on my face. The best mask for this is Dermalogica’s Skin Refining Masque and a tube of this will last you up to a year. The mask is then followed by a generous dose of night cream and rose hip oil.

A short note on makeup: I try my best not to wear makeup so that my skin can breathe. When I’m shooting, I always carry Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser (an old-school makeup remover that is the best in the business) and some soft cotton discs to take off my makeup as soon as I’ve finished.

I can only share my own skin regime with you, but because everyone’s skin is different I highly recommend a ‘Skin Mapping‘ consultation with a Dermalogica specialist. They will identify your problem areas and prescribe a regime that is tailored especially for you. Years ago I had my skin mapped by Sarah Hudson in Sydney and after months of following her prescribed regimen, my skin no longer needed to be hidden by makeup.


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