Mind trickery is one of my favourite games to play, and also one of my favourite games to watch others play too. It’s super easy to do this with really familiar flavours like carrot cake, apple pie, cheese cake, etc. and when deconstructed and reconstructed into it’s new form, the sensation we get from experiencing something in it’s new state is always exciting.

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Apple Pie Smoothie

You will need:
1 apple (red or green), cored, cut into cubes and soaked in water with a squeeze of lemon juice
1 tsp cinnamon
pinch of sea salt
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract / vanilla bean paste
3 tbsp granola or toasted oats
1/2 cup of your choice of yoghurt (cow’s milk / goat’s milk / coyo)
1 cup of your choice of milk (cow’s / goat / coconut / almond / oat / rice)
raw honey or stevia

extra cinnamon and ice for serving

Drain the apple and tip into the jug of your blender or whatever vessel you are using to blend. Add the cinnamon, salt, vanilla, granola, yoghurt, milk, and blend until everything is smooth and foamy. Taste for sweetness and add your raw honey or stevia (or it might be sweet enough already!)

Pour into a glass over ice and sprinkle with some more cinnamon. Serve immediately.

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