I’ve always had an attraction to gingham. My junior school uniform came in gingham of every colour, and I could dress myself in whatever flavour I was feeling each day. It’s the subtle choices like these that really got me ticking as a youngster, and continue to tick boxes now. Gingham has a very homely feeling to it, no matter what it may be rendering. Whether I’m a sucker to how it’s been presented to me in movies, that’s fine to me, because it’s this romantic sense of homeliness that I always longed for. I grew up in a bunch of different places, houses, and at times hotels, having parents in the aviation industry, so the idea of the home is something that rings deep through my soul. It’s what I always wanted. So I ended up applying my own interpretation of how ‘home’ was presented to me in movies and on tv, onto myself.

My gingham phase is a constant theme in my life, so is a good spaghetti bolognese. I would dream up ‘normal’ home life and re-enact it with my teddy bears, inventing an invisible world where things were super ‘normal’ and I was content with that. I loved the idea of living in a suburban fibro home (those asbestos houses that dotted neighbourhoods in Australia during the 1960s), doing laundry, and pegging it out on a hills hoist (an iconic Australian invention that has characterised the country’s clothe-drying until now). It’s partially what inspired me to cook during my high school era, and what gave me constant inspiration during my University days at Art school. I still have this fascination with the idea of suburbia, having the perfect ‘normal’ home, and making muffins everyday, but this gal also understands that it is part of the romance to daydream about these things.

This season, Studio Nicholson and YMC have translated my daydreams into reality. They have put together garments that carry the romance of the ‘everyday’, while giving them life with fun-ness. What’s wonderful is that labels like these never miss the point that life shouldn’t be made too serious, so YMC cut eyeholes out of their bucket hats, and Studio Nicholson cleverly oversized things while keeping them super flattering to wear. How they managed to pull off that move still baffles me, but I shan’t ask questions and rather enjoy the wildness. The Standard Store in Sydney support wildness like that. Because fun. Read about them here.


Wearing Studio Nicholson Gingham Dress, YMC Banana Split Hat, and Carven Loafers. Available at The Standard Store.

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