Somehow a trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without a meal at Chartier. What an institution. It’s super classic, a little cheesy, and kinda local all at the same time. Yeah I know, these three things are like opposing points of a food triangle, but somehow these sensations co-exist under the one Mansard roof. You will find this place neatly tucked away off Boulevard Montmartre in the 9th arrondissement. Look for the bright red sign adorned with its own fluorescent light, and probably a congo-line of people queuing to eat their share of roti de poulet (rotisserie chicken).

Here, there is no room for fussing about. The sharply dressed waiters also act as crowd control in this joint, so give them a little warmth and they will treat you well. As you are guided to your white linen covered table, don’t be thrown off by the sights and sounds of tourists… the food is still humbly tasty.

The menu: Classics, unpretentiously worded, presented, and priced. Expect old-school entrees like avocat sauce crevettes (avocados with prawns and cocktail sauce), escargots cooked in garlic butter, and a block of foie gras. I ordered an original favourite, salad frisee aux lardons (curly endive with crispy lardons and a vinaigrette). For mains, their rotisserie chicken is renowned, but you also can’t go wrong with a tartare de boeuf, or a confit de canard… And of course, everything is served with perfectly cooked potatoes, whether they be fried, roasted or boiled – The potato game in France is not taken lightly! The only thing I wouldn’t recommend would be the steak hache (a grilled beef patty served with a green pepper sauce) which wasn’t fatty enough to handle the grilled-to-oblivion treatment it undertook before arriving at our table.

The small details like your chatty waiter writing orders onto the paper tablecloth with his Chartier ballpoint pen, to the mountain of crusty bread and French butter that is thrown in front of you are what make the whole experience so perfect. Eat slowly, drink wine, talk lots. This is how to best enjoy every part of the dining experience that Chartier has to offer.


Bouillon Chartier
7 rue du Fauboug Montmartre • 75009 Paris
ph. 01 47 70 86 29

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