I was in Seoul a little while back. It’s a pretty happening place that has so much on offer, especially in food and fashion. During my short (and sweet) stay, I came across some things that I would love to share…

One of my favourite local brands ‘Timosi‘. I was drawn to this store in Doota and couldn’t go past all the lovely natural fabrics. The clothes are well made and incredibly reasonable in price. I really hope to see more Timosi stuff outside of Korea soon. Otherwise, I’ll just have to come back on another shopping trip!

‘June Glass’ spectacle shop in Namdaemun had a wonderful collection of vintage glasses, as well as classics like Moscot and Ann et Valentin.

ÅLAND stores Soul wide are a good window into Korean fashion. They stock clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, and even stationary so if you don’t have much time in Seoul I would come straight here. Here, I fell in love with some Korean made Fennec naturally dyed leather iPhone cases. I was also admiring the colourful prints on some KWIM wallets, that had similar colours and feel to this seasons Kenzo accessories.

_Rism fragrances were really, really nice. Handmade in Korea, these candles and room scents are environmentally friendly and come in subtle yet interesting scents. I thought the packaging spoke the language of the products nicely, and fell in love with the room spray.

Last but not least, what is Seoul without socks and sneakers! In Seoul I saw some next level kicks and more socks than anywhere else in the world. These limited edition New Balance shoes and socks from Sockstaz “premium socks shop” were among my favourites.



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