I can’t function properly if I don’t eat breakfast in the mornings. Most days I have some sort of fruit salad (mostly low sugar fruits like berries and grapefruit), as well as a single origin coffee that I brew using a french press or aeropress & blend with grass fed butter and coconut oil. It gives me the right amount of energy to sustain me until lunch, and is very delicious!

Good coffee is something that is really important to me. That is not to say I am a 6 cups of coffee-a-day kinda person, but I do enjoy trying all of the wonderful coffees that the world has to offer. Today I had organic single origin beans from Kintamani in Bali, roasted at Roast in Bangkok. I will write more about my favourite coffee places around the world in posts soon to come.

Today I threw together a strawberry, cherry, basil and fresh coconut milk breakfast. I added a pinch of salt and a few drops of Stevia to balance the tartness of the strawberries. It would work really well as a light dessert too.


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