Im fascinated by Korean skin. Such dewy looking, pore-less, spot-free faces, and such super soft hands…. Jealousy would be an understatement. Last week I was in Seoul to look at the booming skin care scene that has so many people flocking in for their share. Let me give you the rundown:

1) Kimchi? So one thing is diet of course, a super clean eating regime that includes plenty of fermented cabbage, rice, green vegetables, ginseng teas and soups, gen mai cha (roasted rice) tea, seems to be a good starting point for good skin. In saying this I also understand that genetics and pollution are big factors in having good skin, but we aren’t all fortunate enough to have everything.

2) Skin Regime ABC’s: Cohesive Skincare. Taking care of your skin in Seoul seems to be serious business. Skin cleansing is followed by a cocktail of products starting from toners, then essence creams, eye serums, lotions, moisturisers, spot creams, and sunscreens. I now understand the value of investing a good amount of time with your face everyday, so applying all of these products definitely helps with that! Brands like Sulwhasoo and Nature Republic will put you on the right track with their all-encompassing skincare ranges. On a recent find, I have also found a new swear-by acne cream that not only can send nasty looking pimple packing overnight, but also heals and moisturises the skin so that you won’t have any tissue scarring or drying afterwards. It’s Kiehl’s Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment and since being on the road a lot, I now swear by it.

3) CC’s. Why can’t I step back a year or two in time and slap past me’s face with a tube of CC cream?? It’s truly amazing, especially for people who have problem skin. Colour Correcting creams like these also usually have added benefits like SPF and non-comodogenic properties that mean your pores won’t be clogged. They let the skin breathe while evening out skin tone. For healthy, dewy looking skin try Nature Republic’s CC Cream, or Clinique’s Moisture Serge version.


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