If you are a fan of tiramisu, do yourself a favour and drop by Bar Pompi if you ever make your way to Rome. What an institution, what dessert legacy, what light and creamy goodness! I’m not going to try to convince you that this tiramisu will convert tiramisu-haters into marscapone fiends, nor will I tell you that it’s the best tiramisu I’ve had in my life, but I will tell you that it’s an experience to feed a tiramisu-lover’s soul. Like many great eating institutions across the country, Pompi’s churns out delicious tiramisu that is so consistent and reliable. You know what to expect, and this joint ain’t gonna let you down. Asides from the classico (classic) we all love, these guys make other versions like fregola (strawberry), banana e cioccolato (banana chocolate), pistacchio (pistachio), nocciola (hazelnut), and pina colada (woah….?) They even make take-home packs that you can find in store, as well as in supermarkets and restaurants around town. As I said, consistent and reliable.


1) Good ingredients. The soft and silky mascarpone is local from the Po Valley and it’s darn delicious.
2) No skimping on anything. I have a pretty good little nose for people using cheat-ingredients like fillers, or substituting cheap ingredients in places where it is assumed that ‘no one will know’. The fact is, people DO notice and will go to find better elsewhere. This is the gospel truth. Pompi tiramisus taste rich in Italian-family generosity.
3) All eyes on detail. How wet or dry we like our sponge in a tiramisu is super subjective, but I admire how Pompi tiramisus have such even layers of savoiardi. Each individual biscuit seems to be soaked in the same exact amount of liquid. This makes for a refined dessert that doesn’t taste dry, nor seep coffee when you sink your spoon in for a bite. To me, this is the proof in the pudding… pun intended.

At Bar Pompi, expect coffee, expect delicious tiramisu, and the all the rest are sweet yummies that will send you over into food coma territory. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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