How To Make Your Own Fortune

How To Make Your Own Fortune

Here I am in San Francisco, so close to Silicon Valley and I’m ready to make Fortune come true! Trust me this will be as easy as pie.

Couple blocks from the Financial District of San Francisco, lies the Fortune Factory. It’s time to follow your sense of smell now…

Ross Alley

As promised, all you had to do was write your desire(s) within the 12mm x 60mm paper. Done? Hand it over to the lady and voilà, you officially just made a fortune..cookie! Looking to go big? This giant size will do the trick!

I like to think that our lives are sort of similar to these cookies.

Like us, they started their lives simple and round. Messages get stuffed into and forced sealed without realizing. We bent to the metal rod. Not knowing what is right or wrong, what is acceptable and not. With time they are embedded within us, we conformed. It is up to us to break free.

I found couple of words sticking out in this place, unsure if it was intentional or not. The green tea BAG flavor got me questioning but definitely not as much as those innocently placed Regular Adult X Rated by the family portraits. Would it be soft or hard, corny or cheesy? I wonder... all the possible pranks and jokes I can operate with this bag!

After sampling the green tea bag, strawberry, chocolate, almond with chocolate coating. My favorite flavor is still the plain old one. Call me old fashion, but the weird mix of vanilla, almond and sesame oil just feels right.

The common misconception of fortune cookie is that it’s Chinese. The actual origin will forever be in dispute. Many rules on how to eat/play with the fortune had also circulated the internet. My rule of thumb is cracked it using both hands, have a good laugh and eat the whole cookie!

Some of you might be curious about what fortune I wrote and if it actually came true. Well...the messages were no where near windfall. They were about things that would remind the importance of picnicking by the roses rather than just stopping to smell them.

I hope the title of this post is not misleading in any way! ;) To not leave those of you interested in making your own fortune hanging, I do have a couple of thoughts I would like to share, hopefully you find this useful.

Money comes and goes. Many valuable things in life are priceless, like deep connections with the people that love you. Do what engages you and trust the Universe by letting go. By letting go is a form of control, it takes guts. Let your heart and soul guide you, because you can’t mess anything up that is meant for you.

Words and images – Buranee Soh

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