Re-kindle friendship in 2020

Re-kindle friendship in 2020

Hey friends,

I'd like to make my first post of 2020 a reflection on the past year and what I would like to work towards in the new year. 2019 felt like a dutch oven of chaos, heating within its scorching walls. With much political, economic, and environmental uncertainty - Brexit, Trump ordering the withdrawal of troops in Nothern Syria, the gilet jaune protests holding the French economy captive, the wildfires in the Amazon rainforests, An the political corruption that caused Australia's most extensive wildfires in history (I stop here in risk of turning this post into a list too painful to read).

I think it's time to mend broken relationships, build family ties, and to enjoy moments with the few special people in your life. As our lives speed up, and the internet isolates us in ways we don't yet fully understand, I think the remedy is to take time to reach out to people (may they be family or friends) that one may have lost touch with over time.

I'm a strong believer of the contageousness of goodness, so let's make this year overflow with the stuff.



Boshka in her studio, London

Chris and pals from Norse Projects in front of Pilgrim Surf Supply, Brooklyn

Two Glens in One ! NYC

Charlie and Yuki at Virgil Normal, LA

Yuki on Redondo Beach, CA

These images were wonderful moments of connection, taken throughout the year with my various plastic cameras. Cover image of my friends Lilly and Alex of Blluemade in NYC.

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