Last week I had the pleasure to learn more about what Wastgetable does. One of the many things they do is turning organic food wastes into compost, then use it to fertilize the soil that grows vegetables hence Wastgetable! All this done on the carpark rooftop of a small shopping mall in the heart of Bangkok!

Everyday the organic food wastes from all the food vendors in the shopping mall goes into this big machinery.

Someone once asked, what would happen if there is no soil? We’ll just fall right into the ocean! - he self answered in a jokingly way. It was such a weird question and a bit silly answer at that time that I dismissed it. But now that I start to ponder on it a little more it is actually where all life and creatures begin. It ensemble nature and the world.

Some of the things I love about this project is that they grow crops that are of value in Thailand such as rosemary, lavender, sage, strawberry, leafy greens for salads. When crops are ready, they are sold during the weekend right on the ground floor of the mall. Talking about circular economy and zero carbon footprint!

Recharge with yummy traditional thai dessert.

On this day, they taught us how to ‘rehabilitate’ brick-hard soil from construction site. With barely any nutrients in them, this pale looking soil just need it's saviour, the compost and a few extra ingredients to turn it rich brown and nutrients loaded. All this goodness takes less than 10 days to form!

To ‘rehabilitate’ the soil Layout the coconut husk, then spread the damages soil over evenly before adding the compost a.k.a Green Manure on top. Add LOTs of water, make sure that you get them really wet inside. The goal is to let the nutrients from the compost seep down to the soil below. This will fix soil nitrogen and increase living organic matter. Then cover the soil with coconut husk and water it again till you see water seeping out from the bottom. Final step is to cover it with a sheet of plastic, this is to trap the moisture in the soil. A sack can be used to mix all these together if you are planning to do this at home. It's an aerobic process so no airtight container guys!

For those you readers wondering how to get started on composting your food waste, I'm gonna link you up to Lauren now. She'll show your how she does her very own sweet-smelling compost here!

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