Some super exciting news for the w’menswear department came this week, when we found out our pals Battenwear are making small sizes of their great outdoorwear for women! While in town, we went to have a sneaky little preview of what they have in store for the upcoming season like a great new collection of basics like phys-ed tees, fun denim shorts, and some excellent parkas in lightweight technical fabrics. Expect some eye popping colours that take me down memory lane to my mum’s ski jumpsuit c.1993.

The thing about Battenwear that rings our bell here at Ponytail Journal is the fact that these garments speak the language of fun. They do this through their wild colour palette each season, they design pieces that give way for adventure, and tear apart any seriousness that stiffens life with rigidity. This is why they are truly garments for the funnest life possible, and this is why we are delighted that they’re making mini sizes for ladies who have a streak venture running through their veins. So, we look forward to their cherry popping stint at Capsule NYC this week, PTJ salute!

Unleash the cuteness!

Pictured Above / Weeked Jacket / Camp Cap / 7/8 Treck Pants / Day Hiker Pack / All Newness Coming To You In Womens Sizing /


/ So much cuteness = Their Scout Anorak in a natural colour way for SS16 /


A Meaty American Made Tee / New Eyeball Melting Camping Shorts /

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