Caring for your Space Pilot's Boots

Caring for your Space Pilot's Boots

I've been wearing my Space Pilot's Boots for a solid 6 months now. They've been through city and countryside, forests to mountain top. Over the past month, I've been on the road visiting factories, shooting the new W'menswear look book on the Mekong river, to New York for fashion week, and through the sludgy marshlands in the UK. As my only pair of shoes on the trip, these boots got quite a beating so by the time I brought them home they looked like monsters of the deep.

After a decent mud bath in the marshlands, I let my boots completely dry. They had been sprayed 6 months before with a waterproofing spray which helps to protect them from moisture. Once completely dry, I brushed them with a dry bristled brush. A clean shoe brush would be perfect.

Once the mud completely brushed off, the shoes looked good as new. If they're looking like they need a bit of moisture, you can polish the shiny sides with a natural beeswax polish to lock in moisture or give them another spray.

Words and images by Lauren.

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