A huge event on the Los Angeles Vintage calendar is of course Inspiration, where the cream of the crop of the world’s best vintage and heritage rag businesses gather for a stunning show on the West coast of America. Our buddy Eric Kvatek went to explore the treasures on display and on the floor at this massive annual event. You’ll see friends and new faces from all over the states as well as those who had hopped over from Japan like The Real McCoys, Clutch Magazine, J’Antiques, and local heroes like Hellers Cafe, Indian Motorcycles, Lewis Leathers, along with many newcomers who are imparting their own flavour on the show floor.Take it away Eric.

Apples and Arsenic

Blue Mirror Vintage

Carp Diem

Clutch Magazine

Cycle Zombies

Hellers Cafe

Hellhound Vintage

High Grade US Standard.

Horse and Anchor

Indian Motorcycles


Kens Goods

Lewis Leathers

Lynch Silversmith

North No Name

Old Colorado Vintage

Reference Vintage

Roxy Deluxe Vintage


The Real McCoys !

Shot by Eric Kvatek at Inspiration, L.A.

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