If there is a crowd who walks to their own beat, it’s the Kapital crew. It’s this sort of creative I-don’t-give-a-f*** that labels time and time over try to mimic or capture but the truth of the matter is that it can’t be copied. When I think of Kapital, I think of freedom, and I think of coolness. It all comes down to that great pureness of expression, unmasked, and full of pride. Kapital is a celebration of strangeness, and a community of people who embrace life. Sorry to sound a little corny but how else can I describe such a strong label?

So let’s talk about the just released SS16 collection. Of course we can expect plenty of denim, but I also see some perfect silhouettes for a range of women, old to young. There are some really beautiful shapes to feast your eyes on, like the apron-like smock on the far left above, a superbly classic mushroom shape that drapes elegantly with the slightest crisp in the fabric. We can expect Kapital’s all time great damaged jeans, beautifully patched at the knee and repaired here and there, while other playful shapes emerge like the chambray chinese collared shirt, or the sachiko stitched bomber jacket below, embroidered with indigo palm trees on the breasts. My favourite would look have to be the pairing of these great jeans with a Hawaiian print sports jacket that flies about in the wind like that really old holiday shirt that you pull out once a year.

Season after season, we can find the brand exploring unexposed pockets of its parallel universe, and bringing it back to earth with familiar patterns, shapes and textures. They are the masters of hybridising, and they never fail to put a grin on my face each season thanks to their cheeky cleverness. This summer season I see less of an obvious underlying theme or story running through the collection but perhaps this is a maturing label that is embracing the subtlety of its great fabrics and wonderful construction. After all, no matter what trendy saveur du moment we find ourselves in, I think most of us will reach for that same work jacket or summer shirt time after time. There is comfort in that, and I think Kapital found their sweet spot long ago.

“Denim Perth, Land Loves Indigo” is an Australian story, one very familiar to me. It’s about that super strong sun, and that incredibly blue sky (thanks to no ozone layer) and the light provides a sharp field of vision. Once again, photographer Eric Kvatek and designer Kiro Hirata have created another world for us to fall into, a romantic place where the landscape dictates everything and provides the perfect setting for all of this goodness.


Shot by Eric Kvatek / Styling by Designer Kiro Hirata, and Kohhei Manabe / Hair and Make-Up Nicola Corl / Models Ebony Walton, Emmelie, Faith Picozzi, Jessica Pearl Epps, Jack Charles, Logan Ahl, Luke Davis / Local coordination by Brad Holyoake of Perth Crew / Shot on location in Perth, WA, Australia /

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