Currently in the menswear world, we open the busy season with London Collection: Mens, the biannual menswear showing that gathers the world’s gentlemanly gentlemen to London. It’s the biggest week of the calendar for some of us, and Ponytail Journal will follow up with Pitti Uomo next week, the mens Capsule show, Man Paris, and Liberty Fair in New York.

The Nigel Cabourn team did an elegant presentation at the Army Gym in Henrietta Street, showing the latest for Nigel Cabourn Woman and the latest edition to the NC club, Lybro. No doubt came super custom garment hardware, great hardy textiles, and artefacts from history that continue inspire the brand immensely. Because Nigel Cabourn is so much more than internet nowness, it’s an incredible style choice to peach-off the runway show for a celebration of heritage and history in their home hub. The Army Gym, though fairly young in age, is a gruff-yet-majestic space that has a great presence in the menswear landscape of London. I think this is a romantic metaphor for their existence in the world.

Gals wore a feminine take on classic vintage military and workwear pieces, wearing the Nigel Cabourn – Converse collaboration and Nige’s iconic cap flipped up for flipping off the runway. The silhouettes were oversized, which made for super long limbs and the kind of ultimate movement that you secretly wish for while still retaining a sense of femininity. Guys were showing off navy hues with a great set of WWII era coveralls made into a smart blue that would serve great for the in-between seasons, and the ‘her’ version as a cut off making a freaking cute playsuit. But really, how could you not go past that sleeveless trench that Naho (middle) is wearing? That’s something of a WANT piece in my wardrobe.

P.S how much more girl power can you get? What a rockin’ set of gals!


Above / Nigel Cabourn and David Gandy at The Army Gym /


Nigel Cabourn Women in Spring Summer 16 /

Thanks Drew Holmes for the snaps!

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