Today I have the pleasure of introducing a very hard hitting gal Boshka Grygoriew Alvy; illustrator, tattoo artist, painter, and penpal of mine for a good 4 years now. Inspired by Nepalese and Tibetan art, I was instantly an admirer of Boshka's work when I came across her on the internet. Her love for life's great mysteries and the mythical beasts from Budhhist tankas, demonic looking characters that represent our many experiences and emotions through life, was a great starting point to our long distanced friendship.

Of Polish origins, Boshka bases herself in London now where she channels her art onto people and parchment. The permanence of a tattoo probably pushes a person to strive for technical mastry, but the most interesting aspect to her day job to me is the fact that her clients are all walks of life, tied together by her craft. They are walking, talking, and feeling canvases that add flavour and dimension to her illustrations. There is an unusual personal space that tatoo artists are able to access with their clients, and I think this human interaction is what makes Boshka's process so much more special to her subject matter - the images that she inks permanently into their skin.

This Summer, Boshka designed a special giant bandana for W'menswear, inspired by the first All American Girls Proffesional Baseball League in the States that existed briefly from 1943 to 1954. We made this silk screen Giant Bandana as a partner to the W'menswear All-Girls Baseball Shirt and Shorts. Our team would be called 'The Indigo Catfish' and people would wave the bandana in the crowd, hang it on their bedroom walls, tie it around their dogs, and wear it on the field to catch sweat from their necks.

Check out her beautiful bandana here at PTJ+S.

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