Introducing SS22: "Surfing Saved our Sanity"

Introducing SS22:


As with every collection, I start with a single question, “what is this experience I find myself living today?”

The ‘today’ of late 2020, when initial designs of this collection began to take place, had brought many unforeseen challenges - both personally and on a societal state. I found surfing to be something that grounded me time and time again. Physically, surfing was a space to express freedom and creativity. Mentally, it made space for focus and presence.

The makeshift “China Beach Surf Club” in Da Nang during the Vietnam War was something I stumbled upon and found myself being able to relate to. For these American GI’s, surfing provided a safe space to escape the horrors of war. They fashioned their own surfboards from military marine supplies, built their own surf shack for hanging out, and also made their own signpost to welcome newcomers to their haven. The joy and playfulness of these men reverberated resilience, an idea that is true to the ethos of surfing.






Look book and product images by W'menswear

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