Kapital's 'Denim Bauhaus' Book Launch

Kapital's 'Denim Bauhaus' Book Launch

This Sunday 14th of October, our pals Eric Kvatek and Kiro Hirata will be throwing a book release party at The Window in LA for their latest book, Denim Bauhaus for Kapital. If that sentence made any sense to you, you'd probably be the kind of person who would also find much joy in a little preview of the book here with us today.

Shot in Berlin, Denim Bauhaus celebrates the success of their 'K-eel' woven down vest, a super unique idea of weaving lengths of down quilting into an intricate piece of outerwear, and flirts with the idea of the brand moving into sportswear, amongst some WILD styling. I particularly enjoyed the Kapital verison of the Aussie Coogi jumpers, an iconic colourful export from the land of sheep, and the flannel down jackets with tassling.

For this seasons shooting Kiro wanted to try something a little different so he requested a more urban, "modern" setting. We chose Berlin due to it's mix of Soviet era relics, centuries old landmarks, former US military installations and a thriving upbeat metropolis. - Eric

If you are in LA this weekend, you are welcome to stop by the book launch, between 6-9pm this Sunday 14th of October at

The Window, 6825 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

Shot by Eric Kvatek in Berlin

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