Our friends at Groovy Store have curated the funnest garments possible for their beautiful store in Taipei that has been running strong for 20 years. Founder Roger has nurtured the business, navigating it over the rough seas of an evolving market that hides monstrous challenges. His strong values have open doors to a diverse and dedicated crew of gals who have become the life and spirit of the store. These gals are comfortable and proud, rocking the very essence of radical. They take no notice of the fixed societal idea of ‘femininity’, that have many women in Taiwan hiding behind floral, frilly, and foo-foo.

We would like to introduce you to three raddest, funnest, grooviest gals, Tan, Una, and Xiao Bai, who are content with themselves enough to leave judgment at the door.

Pictured ABOVE Tan wears / Deadstock US M65 Fishtail Parka / Barns shirt / MY by 1 LDK pants / Leuchtfeuer beanie.

ABOVE Una wears / W’menswear outdoor jacket / older brother USA pants / older brother USA turtleneck / Leuchtfeuer beanie.

BELOW Xiao Bai wears / W’menswear waxed cotton rain coat / STORY MFG Pants / GWYNN Co bucket hat / Workware shirt.

All items currently available at Groovy Store, Taipei.

Modelled by Tan, Una, and Xiao Bai.
Styled by the Groovy Team
Shot by Lauren Yates

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