Natural-Dye Items: Hunting Tees

Natural-Dye Items: Hunting Tees

Since our founding days, we have been working with artisans in our community to produce naturally dyed garments that show our rich history and heritage here in Thailand.

This season, we have work with dyers at “Moo Baan Sawang” in Roi Et province to create our vision of hunting camo using an eco-dye technique.

Our Hunting Tee Shirt is naturally dyed via a process called “eco print”, which we’ve never done before. Eco printing is a form of natural dyeing where the colors from plant material are transferred to paper or fabric via steaming or boiling.


We worked with sisters Gig and Gai in Northeastern Thailand to produce an eco-print using foraged leaves and bark tannins from the Sappan tree, imprinted into the naturally dyed tee.


The leaves are individually arranged along the sleeves and on the back of the t-shirt, before rags soaked in the bark tannin dye are arranged onto the shirt. Once fully covered, it is rolled up and steamed for half an hour. This step sets the dye into the fabric. After unwrapping, then peeling off the leaves, the fabric is then washed and dyed.

The leaves and dye are transferred onto the shirt making this absolutely unique camo effect.


Local, seasonal plants are what inform the camo pattern.


Leaves are collected to be placed onto the garments by hand.


They are placed on a prepared shirt and steamed with tree bark tannins.


Due to the nature of this dye process, each garment will be unique. Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Line dry in shade. The Hunting Tee is available in pocket short and long-sleeved.

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