Pre-Script from Ponytail Journal: Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm about my tote bags. Y’all have been so enthusiastic that we’ve completely sold out. If you really want your hands on a PTJ Carry-All, don’t sweat! We have a new version in production!

The Post:

I collect tote bags when I travel. They are my souvenirs of a place and time, and I love anything that is super functional. I can’t remember the last time I carried a handbag somewhere, but it’s guaranteed that you will spot me somewhere with a tote under my shoulder. They’re just so useful! I usually find myself in a grocery store at some point in the day, so carrying my shopping bag with me seems quite logical. If I had to choose, two of my favourite totes are from two wonderful stores on different corners of the planet: Marlow & Daughters in Brooklyn (NYC), and Chef’s Warehouse in Sydney (Australia). If you follow my instagram, you might have seen these Ponytail Journal tote bags appearing here and there, heck you might be seeing them on the streets for all I know! These are my very own heavy duty carry-alls that I designed to bear hefty loads and rough surfaces. The body of this natural fibre tote is thick canvas, stitched with heavy cotton. For the strap, I found some army surplus broad-cotton tape to fit comfortably on the shoulder, and it’s stitched on in an ‘x’ formation (x for x-tra heavy duty?) As for the Ponytail Journal trademark, it’s a block print in rubber pigment so that over time the green on the raised weave of the canvas will wear, while the text remains bold and endures wash over wash.

ALSO, For every proud PTJ tote owner out there, don’t forget to hashtag #ptjheroes every time you upload a photo with it on whatever channel you fancy… I’m watching!

If you’re interested in one, just send me an email – ponytailjournal@gmail.com


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