There is so much great product coming through our way this year, and goodness we look forward to is the Red Wing women’s range that is now only two seasons young. The brand, established in 1905, did in fact make women’s shoes from the 20s but it was not long until they focused predominantly on the main market. This is a really interesting time period for us when women were wearing men’s workwear and military gear for the first time thanks to the war. The 20s was characterized by a rise of new occupations for women in the United States and Europe, with some common jobs being social worker, teacher, librarian and nurse. Working-class women often worked in textile mills and on farms. So it’s not surprising that Redwing started to produce smaller sized work shoes for women during this time period.

Perhaps today we are seeing a comeback of women returning to workwear and meatier product thanks to the great swirling online conversation around the female identity. For us, we are swooned by the image of strong gals who stand on their own with a steady sense of confidence. That brings us to the launch of Red Wing’s second womenswear collection.

The core collection features the most iconic styles completely rebuilt to fit a female foot. I myself have had the chance to give their Moc toe women’s boots a test drive for the past few months and they’re significantly softer and narrower than the men’s version that I have been wearing for years. The softness is really something and of course a much more refined and feminine leather that has really re-written the story for the shoe. I would say that the overall silhouette of the women’s boot is much more elegant, lending to a sophistication to the shoe while maintaining their toughness.

This Spring Summer 17 will be welcoming the start of the funkier narrative, starting off with a subtle colour palette, ‘Granite Boundary’ and ‘Sand Mohave’ leather, exclusively for the womenswear collection. So these new additions sitting alongside the classic styles from the debut collection are a smart introduction for women to Red Wing. You’ll be able to get your hands on the iconic Moc Toe and Short Engineer styles this coming season. At the end of the day you’re really looking at some of the world’s most reliable footwear for durability.

– Lauren

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