Along with the rains and the first blossoms of spring, a very salty new W’menswear delivery has just dropped at Ponytail Supplies. We are so proud to be releasing many specialty products and garments this season, designed with the funnest purpose, and the most beautiful raw materials. This Spring we look forward to the release of the new W’menswear basic tee range, made with the best slow-made 100% cotton knit fabrics in the world out of Wakayama, Japan.

This season you will also be seeing much more delicious indigo thanks to a new collaborative partnership between W’menswear and Slowstitch studio out of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Together the two brands have been making natural indigo garments of a super rich, deep indigo hue that has us super impressed by this new benchmark standard in the Kingdom.

At the store this spring you will see more hardy W’menswear workwear garments in a new Navy colour way, as well as some lightweight pieces that have been developed in cahoots with small scale craftspeople in Thailand and Northern India. We are seeing the debut of the W’menswear scale print, hand printed indigo dye on fine cotton developed in Jaipur, India. This beautiful fabric is printed with the world’s oldest method of fabric printing that takes much patience and time to produce. You will also find more superfine cotton in Japanese chambray form on the new W’menswear shirting.

This super salty first drop has us looking forward to more of this goodness!

Oh yeah, and here’s a nifty little trick, click each piece to shop.

– Lauren

Look ONE / W’mens Tee / Navy Fisherlady Pants / Vintage Rubber Slides / Block Printed Bandana

Look TWO / W’mens Indigo Pocket Tee / Navy Fisherlady Pants / Salty Braces

Look THREE / W’mens Long Sleeved Indigo Tee / Block Printed Deck Skirt

The Thai Handwoven Hemp Boat Bag.

Look FOUR / W’menswear Navy Chore Coat / Fisherlady Pants / Block Printed Bandana / W’mens Pocket Tee

The Slow-woven Deck Jacket.

Look FIVE / W’menswear Navy Gutting Smock / W’mens Long Sleeved Tee

The Deck Skirt.

The Sea Shirt.

W’menswear Workshop Made Salty Braces.

The Safety Orange Drizzle Cloak.

All available at PTJ Supplies [here].

Shot at Ponytail Studios.

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