Summer in the Corn Fields

Summer in the Corn Fields

Above Sofia wears W'menswear Repairs Suit in Japanese Denim, gum boots, and vintage hat. Below, she wears W'menswear handwoven Ikat Pleated Army Dress, Hemp Bamboo Bag, and gum boots.

Above Sofia wears W'menswear Khadi Porcelain Dress dyed Indigo by Slowstitch Studio, and W'menswear Japanese Hickory Fisherlady Pants, and Danner sandals. Below she is in W'menswear handwoven Ikat Worker's Robe, and Indigo Catfish Bandana designed by Boshka Grygoriew Alvy for W'menswear.

Above, Sofia explores the corn fields in her W'menswear Khadi Sail Dress. Below she's in a W'menswear Khadi Field Shirt, Canvas Garden Smock, vintage cap, and gum boots.

Above, W'menswear Salty Canvas Deck Parka over Hickory Fisherlady Pants.

Here Sofia wears W'menswear Japanese Denim Sail Smock and gum boots. Below, she's enjoying the Spring blooms in a W'menswear Porcelain Dress over Japanese Denim Culottes, a vintage hat, and The Hill-Side sneakers.

Pictured above, W'menswear All-Girls League Shirt and Shorts in Hawaiian print over Indigo Surf Patrol Tee dyed by Slowstitch Studio in Northern Thailand.

Modelled by Sofia Jergner / Shot and Styled by Lauren Yates / Shot in l'Oise, Northern France.

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