We won’t get too deep about the value of friendship, having good and trustworthy people around you, or the basic fact that human beings need company and compassion. Why? because it’s a little silly to try to do that for the sake of a what-to-wear editorial in the context of global sadness. Do we go about our lives like nothing is happening or do we take a pause to think about our chaotic existence on this planet? The fact is, we shot this a few months back in Paris to feature on the journal here as part of our monthly content scheduling but the Universe has tapped us on the shoulder (as it often likes to do) to remind us about who we are and why we put all of this together in the first place. It’s about finding goodness, sharing it, and hopefully radiating some of the stuff to inspire others to make more of it.

Here we are not going to label any pieces by brand, but just leave you with a feast of goodness. The meeting of three really rad individuals, strangers at the time, from three corners of the Earth, connected by Ponytail Journal. All that tingles in the air is the crunching of viennoiserie, syncopated by the ting of spoons clashing with coffee cups, and the start of conversational discovery – people trying their best to relate, be relatable, share joy, and give some kind of meaning to existence.

ponytail journal paris 1ponytail journal paris 2ponytail journal paris 3ponytail journal paris 5ponytail journal paris 4

Shot and styled by Lauren Yates / Models Andrea Solstad, Sofia Ekervik, and Orada Kiewkerd / Shot in Rue Mouffetard, Paris

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