The Color System

The Color System

I want you to imagine an astronaut right now. Do you see them in orange, blue or white? I bet we are imaging the same thing – An astronaut in white EVA spacesuit, spacewalking.


Our atmosphere shields us from 77% of the sun radiation while out in the space there is 0! The astronauts need all the protection they can get, and white is the ultimate color. Not only it is easily spotted against the black expanse of space, the reflective nature protects wearer against the blistering temperature, severe sunburn, and cancer-causing solar radiation. What about metallic/silver you say? Though silver was thought to be more reflective in the early space program, it isn’t.


Commonly associated with trust, confidence, and sincerity; it is also used to represent calmness and responsibility. From late 1982 to 1986 space shuttle mission, crews wore the light blue one-piece coverall for launch and entry. In the mid-80s, it was changed to a darker Blue, and currently to the Boeing Blue.

W’menswear AW19 Research board


The use of International Orange color started in 1988, worn by NASA astronauts on flight STS-26 for launch and entry. The strength and attention seeking properties of this color make it highly visible for search and rescue, standing out against all landscapes, especially the blue ocean.

Back to Earth

To all you Earthly angels out there, who’s head is up in space and body grounded to the earth, we have just the right stuff for you. The AW19 pieces are designed with maximum comfort, functionality and huge respect to people who paved the way to space for future female astronauts in the NASA program.

Now that we are geared up, let us roam the beautiful terrains of the Earth!

Images-NASA & Scott Kelly Words-Buranee Soh

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