The Hard-Hitting Autumn Editorial

The Hard-Hitting Autumn Editorial

This week we're delighted to share a very special Ponytorial to show you the newly arrived limited editioned pieces for the chilly months ahead. We have a new drop of wonderfully practical bags made in New York, Aussie hats, as well as very small batch W'menswear pieces based on the women who paved the way to space in the experimental Mercury 13 program.

Pictured above, W'menswear Core Warmer, Limited Crew Shirt, Space Walkers, Bags in Progress Bag, Papa Nui cap, and vintage shoes. Below, W'menswear Limited Launch Coverall, Bags in Progress Bag, and Prokeds Sneakers.

Above, Lauren wears W'menswear Limited Edition Space Flight Jacket, Crew Shirt, Rocket Coveralls, Papa Nui hat, and Ponytail Desert Boots. Below, W'menswear Shuttle Dress, Ponytail Desert Boots, vintage silver jewellery, and Bags in Progress Bag.

Editorial Shot by Eric Kvatek Styled and modelled by Lauren Yates

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