The Hard-Hitting Winter Ponytorial

The Hard-Hitting Winter Ponytorial

It's been a minute since I've been in the studio. It has, and always will be, my favourite part of the gig to style clothes in a way that feels like the best form of self-expression for a range of very diffrent human beings. How we present ourselves to ourselves and to the outside world is to me, the most personal thing ever. It's a culmination of our values, it's a form of unspoken communication that has such an impact on how we percieve ourselves.

I have a love-hate relationship with the fashion industry. It's predicated on a very sensitive, very personal axis that can be used and abused by the industry in the most manipulative way... self-esteem. Its such a downer to think about how a lot of brands prey on the self-esteem of regular people who already have so much to deal with in real life. I mean, balancing the work, relationship, family, and on top of that being in tune with this rapidly evolving world AND a zombie apocalypse, is overwhelming in itself. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, take that mental image of the big bad fashion corporation squishing people like ants out of your head. This is something much more complex: picture the industry as a huge body of insecure people who are doing whatever they can to be O K. That stresses me out to think about, because it means that the issue is cultural.

When I think about the fashion industry, I think of an army of mice on little mini treadmills, exhausted and sleep deprived, forever running after something invisible. The problem facing the fashion industry is, and has always been scale. We all wear clothes ! Paradoxically, I have also come to understand that clothes can be the most powerful tool for cultural change, just because it can reach every pocket of society. My clothes, just like my ideas, have always been my form of protest if you like. I'm rooting for creativity, self expression, diversity, and weirdness. My hope is that something I make might speak to a little part in a bunch of very different people.

Queue our latest collection of thoughts, research, and soul that we poured into W'menswear this winter.

  • Lauren

Look ONE

Jacket: Paddy Cloak / Hoodie: Voyage Parka / Shirt: Paddy Shirt / Pants: Marine Pants / Hat: Waikikian Cap / Bag: Beach Tote / Shoes: Tropical Jungle Blutchers

Look TWO

Dress: Thao Dress / Shoes: Tropical Jungle Blutchers


Jacket: Paddy Cloak / Tee: W'mens Classic Pocket Tee / Pants: Peace-n-Patch Pants / Bag: Balloon Tote / Hat: Boat Driver Hat / Shoes: Tropical Jungle Blutchers


Blazer: Tropical Blazer / Shorts: Combat Shorts / Shirt: Research Shirt / Hat: Boat Driver Hat / Shoes: Tropical Jungle Blutchers / Bag: Ban-The-Bomb Tote


Tee: Indigo Plaid Tee / Sweatshirt: Basic Sweatshirt / Shorts: Combat Shorts / Hat: Waikikian Cap / Shoes: Tropical Jungle Blutchers

Look SIX

Shirt: Aid Shirt / Pants: Sealab Pants / Apron: Utility Vest / Shoes: Tropical Jungle Blutchers / Bag: Ban-The-Bomb Tote


Jacket: Cat Flight Jacket / Pants: Mountain Pants / Bag: BIP Backpack / Shoes: Tropical Jungle Blutchers

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