The Paddy Shirt

The Paddy Shirt

The earliest written record of Chinese buttons date back to Zhou Dynasty (1100 BC – 256 BC). It consists of a round button and loop, usually made with cotton cords using a Chinese Macrame technique. Through time, these buttons have made a distinct contribution to Chinese and Asian culture. It's commonly seen on 'Qi Pao' a body-hugging dress and ’Tang Zhuang’, a Chinese Coat that combined Chinese elements and western cuts.

Our Paddy Shirt is made with a silky, lightweight Japanese rayon. The relaxed fit, short-sleeved shirt sports a Mandarin collar, Chinese buttons, and a breast pocket cut on the bias. The design was based on the secret war fought in Laos between 1962-75, which was only declassified in 2008. For more on the design research, please check out our blog.

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Words by Buranee Soh and editorial photos by Eric Kvatek.

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