We can’t deny that we are becoming more connected globally, but to me it has never been more apparent that we should be thinking as locally as possible. Now we have the messenger owl to travel our message far and wide, but perhaps we have forgotten about our immediate circles while deeply submersed into world-wide connectivity.

Our new friends at Clean Coast Collective are doing wonderful things to spread awareness about our enormous global issue with ocean plastic, all while empowering us with the spirit and know-how to do our own bit to help. It’s inspiring to watch their community driven incentives unfold (like their ‘trash tribe’ group beach clean-ups, or their ‘trash safari’ travelling clean-ups) that not only bring people together to address immediate issues, but also energise others to be mindful about their own ripple effect. To say the least these guys are using the stupendous forces of internet and community for something very good, and something that steps outside ‘self’ towards a more optimistic future.

Ocean plastic is real, its an alarmingly fast-growing problem, and it affects ALL of us. That plastic straw you didn’t really need, may very well end up amassed amongst the tones of other plastic debris that enters the ocean day by day. Now we have plastic islands as big as the state of Texas to answer for thanks to our insatiable rate of consumption. Who cares about the environment right? You do! Because that plastic floats all the way through the food chain and straight back into YOUR stomach.

I’ve seen a lot of new online brands form and flourish as of late. So when I see one with great intention, it stands out like a bouy between flotsam and jetsam. Enter ‘Skin and Bone’, a new ladies’ surfwear brand that aims to eliminate wasteful packaging that is often overlooked by many. Partnering up with Clean Coast Collective this season, the two ocean loving forces have worked towards more beach clean ups thanks to Skin and Bone for donating 5% of their sales to run future beach clean ups. It’s tough to start a new business, and even tougher for someone cut from this kind of cloth to come to terms with the idea of producing more ‘stuff’ into a very saturated world (takes one to know one). So as consumers we need to be supporting good product, made honestly, with plans that aim for a cleaner, more definite existence.

Presenting some really salty looking wetsuits for women that looks to the horizon for the next line of swell.


Go over to Clean Coast Collective or Skin and Bone to discover more about their philosophies and this great incentive.

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