The Space Pilot Boot has Landed.

The Space Pilot Boot has Landed.

Dear friends,

It gives me so much joy to say that our Autumn Winter 'Space Pilot's Boot' has landed at PTJ+S. The second collaboration with our friends Yuketen in the US, is based on the original test pilot boot worn by Mike Mevill on SpaceShipOne in 2004.

This winter we have been focused on the inspiring women of the Mercury 13 program, the women who paved the way to space in the West. These boots, designed for many types of terrain, represent goodness to us. Working with Yuketen and their artisan shoemakers in Maine who handmade every single boot (hand stitching every stitch) has been a wonderful ride. From our previous collaboration, we've extended the branches of love for such unique shoes to many women... some of which who have known the cult brand for years, and some of which who were new converts. I am excited to continue to work with such special people to bring you the most unique pieces that my mind can bubble up.

Thank you for your continued support of our products, and of the niche Universe that is the Ponytail one. I look forward to hearing about your adventures that give these special pieces life.


Available now at the store. Email me with your sizing or product questions at

Images shot by Eric Kvatek, modelled by Nia Towle.

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