The Story of Becoming

The Story of Becoming

One of my favorite modern-day poets is Danielle Doby. She has a magical way of translating our complex feelings and experiences into simple yet powerful words. Today I’d like to introduce you to her book ‘I Am Her Tribe’. Within are poems that feel like warm soulful hugs from the universe. They remind us to trust the process of our personal journey, of our strength, and of our beauty.

I find myself rereading part of her book periodically, absorbing her words that breathe a gentle intensity. It reminds me of the positive impact we can have on ourselves and others around us. I hope you hard-hitting folks find her words relevant and empowering, and may they give you clarity in our ever-changing world.

“Quit hiding your magic. The world is ready for you.” - Danielle Doby

Danielle Doby Instagram and website.

Words by Buranee Soh, cover image by Danielle Doby

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