The Stunt Suit

The Stunt Suit

Cover Image Credit: VSU Archives

New to the W’menswear range this season, the Stunt Suit shape is inspired by the early 40’s Women’s Physical Education Suits. The Stunt Suit comes in two renditions, Fish Print and Frogskin Camo, both on Japanese cotton. With large generous sleeves and box pleats on the front and back, this roomy one-piece is the perfect summer play-suit.

The Stunt Suit is inspired by Hollywood’s first female surfer stuntwomen - Wendy Wagner and Marge Calhoun. Wagner was offered a screen test when a filmmaker saw her swimming whilst on vacation with her family. While living in the Bahamas she became an underwater stunt double in several series and films. In addition to her scuba diving and swimming she was also a surfer. Calhoun also worked as a stunt performer, having been a competitive swimmer. She trained for the 1940 Summer Olympics but the event was cancelled due to World War II. Later on she got into surfing, becoming the first woman world champion surfer when she won the Makaha International competition on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

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Image Credit: VintageDancer


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