The Valley of Kathmandu

The Valley of Kathmandu

Im very chuffed to be presenting to you the look book for W'menswear Autumn Winter 18 titled, "The Valley of Kathmandu", shot in Nepal by our editor-at-large Eric Kvatek. We spent a good chunk of time in Kathmandu working with local people to uncover the great mystery of the dusty city, where Hindus, Buddhists, artists, explorers, and traders together make a mixing pot of culture that peacefully supports one another.

"Juniper berry smoke dances, floating upwards into the dusty atmosphere of the Kathmandu Valley, spreading its tentacles wide before dispersing into nothingness. A young calf calls for its mother across from a busy dirt road that bridges hillside to hillside, the calls are drowned by charging motorbikes and roaring truck motors.

Mysterious currents guide vendors, travellers, pilgrims, and refugees through the valley. Their many faces call from neighbouring Tibet to further Bangalore.

A freckled albino man approaches to sell his wooden flutes, as a leathery faced woman sweeps dust onto the street by my feet.

The sun settles beyond snow capped mountains on the horizon, and the first blue blood moon in a century, lights the night sky with its brilliant glow. The smokey air loses its spice, thinning by the crisp night’s air, as the demons of today curl into their shells, and wave goodbye to time for now. - From 'The Valley of Kathmandu' by W'menswear.

Autumn Winter 18 will reach Ponytail Supplies, and selected stores worldwide in September this year.

Photographer / Eric Kvatek @eric_kvatek
Models / Saskia, Apurna, and Lauren
Hair & Makeup / Lauren Yates
Coordinator / Savitri Rajali
Special Thanks / Kiro, Nicola, and Kapital.
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