Presenting, the latest drop by some wild PTJ pals who make beautiful objects. There’s something incredibly cosmic and weirdly wonderful about their latest Autumn Winter collection, which is an evolution of their great aesthetic into much newness. I look at these and think about the world as we don’t quite understand it. There’s definitely something exciting about that. Those semi precious stones like lapis (an indigo loving gal’s stone of choice) in spheres are scaled thoughtfully so that your eye is guided around each piece in loops and swirls.

Creators Sion & Tiffany Phillips are hard workers, and good researchers, rocking a fine blend of sophistication and free spiritedness like they were born to do it. I would say that these are the perfect ingredients for objects that speak playfulness and refined elegance at the one time, which is like trying to force polar opposites together really. The thrilling thing about the Universe is the possibility of unravelling rules that bring things together, and those that keep things apart. This is what I see when I look at the world of Uribe.

Get your mitts on Uribe pieces at Moda Operandi, Far Fetch, Boutique 1, Opening Ceremony, and Beams Stores.


And last but not least, a little insight into the inner workings of the Uribe headspace, because fun. /


  1. Describe WHAT YOU DO as if you were talking to a five year old.

I make rings for your fingers and bells for your toes !

  1. Tell us how you slipped into OBJECTS.

By chance ! I was always taught to do what makes you happy 🙂 – Thanks to my parents I am happy every day (Almost) 🙂

  1. What did you have for BREAKFAST this morning / What did you wish you had for BREAKFAST this morning?

I had: [She drew a picture of coffee + a green looking drink + an avocado + toast]

  1. What does the word GOODNESS mean to you?

[Tiffany made a super colourful acrostic poem that went like, Great Objects Or Design Neat Everything Super Shamazing] Thanks for jumping into that one Tiff, I especially like that you made up a word to fit the ending.

5. Draw us a picture of URIBE STYLE.

[Tiffany drew a crazy looking character (herself I think) with a huge yellow smiley face, wild curly hair, boy jeans, a striped tee, and all the essentials in life that make her, her, and Uribe, Uribe.]

  1. What is a typical SUNDAY in your world?

Wake up, make coffee, yummy breakfast, read papers and magazines, and be lazy !

  1. What’s always in your POCKET?


  1. What was the last thing you GOOGLED?

Best Banana / Carrot cake recipe. I’ve tried loads. It’s my fave !

  1. What distracts you MUCHLY these days?

INSTAGRAM !! and my emoji game in texts & instagram…

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