W’M Culture Club: Behind the Poetic Lens of Christian Vizl

W’M Culture Club: Behind the Poetic Lens of Christian Vizl

In the age of the internet, images of humans swimming with sea turtles, whales, sharks you name it, give us the false impression that these encounters are easy to come by. In reality, it takes lots of effort, patience, and serendipity. I have huge respect for underwater photographers. It’s more than sticking a Go-pro under the surface. There is so much to learn through the journey and process. Today, we take a peek at what life could have looked like for Christian Vizl who captured a poetic series of life beneath the ocean.

The journey to remote places might be daunting to some but to an underwater photographer like Vizl, it’s fuel for the soul. Aside from determination and optimism, searching for a specific animal in the vast ocean requires lots of planning, logistics and $$$. To increase the chance of finding the needle in a haystack, photographers have to be equipped with an in-depth understanding of its habitat and fish migration route. Not to mention being at the mercy of the sea and weather.

Snapping pictures of moving marine life with no control of light is no easy feat. For all we know, his breathtaking photographs could be a selection from hundreds or thousands. Other than operating advanced camera equipment while scuba diving, the non-verbal ‘I come in peace’ message is equally important. A language that can't be taught but only developed through the love and respect for nature. Vizl’s ability to roam freely while taking soul capturing images of marine life is like becoming one with the ecosystem.

Vizl’s work shows us how our lives are interconnected to all life on earth, through nature's strange patterns that present themselves in the world around us and within. As a photographer, he is compelled to use his work for change, a voice for the voiceless. To protect what he loves and prevent these magical encounters from becoming even rarer. He inspires us to care for the blue planet in our own unique way, regardless of what we do. Our small effort might go unnoticed in society but know that change starts with us, for together we are powerful.

Cover image by Christian Vizl Words by Buranee Soh

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