We humans, are our own chaotic beings who have the power to set our course in time. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are making choices from our first waking moment that determines the future to a degree. Ultimately, we are responsible for our destiny and perhaps those of others’ too, through our many little choices that in fact set us on a future path, a trajectory, if you like. So to me, when someone says that they’re just a speck of sand in the scheme of the world’s dooming environmental issues, I would beg to disagree. We all play part in the course of the future, and to think about this can be overwhelming. What I’m really saying is that every moment is a big ball of potential that will ripple through time into the future. What we do with our time on the planet is every bit relevant to ourselves, as it is to the rest of the world.

The founders of (re)vision society are thinking in a way that could transform manufacturing and the future of industry into a much more efficient model. They are trying their best to change a system’s trajectory for the better of all of us, starting with a project to rework the garment industry to be more efficient, more appropriately costed (in terms of the products’ impact on the planet), and to be a heck of a lot less wasteful. We went to see their entire design and manufacturing process to get an idea of how it all works, and were amazed to see tonnes of beautiful textiles (think untouched rolls of British tweed) be thrown into landfill. To me the project is actually a necessary adjustment to a system that is bound for collapse, and we are thrilled to see exciting design work being tested by a new order.

This is (re)vision society.

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