I used to be a super organised person. I still like to believe I am to some extent, but no where near as well as I did in the past. This is because I have come to understand that being organised takes time, because you need to allow for preparation and all that business. These days time is something that’s not really on my side so as I go through this journey of life, the neat and organised side of me is shrinking away, though it will never leave me completely. I used to be so organised that I made all my Christmas gifts by hand, wellll in advance before the crunch date, because that was the kind of person I like to think I was. It was also because I had the yearly role of cooking Christmas lunch for a very hungry and very merry bunch of folks that I had to get my head on straight. This meal was your full shebang of nibbles, turkey, roast pork, glazed ham, root vegetables, beans, three kinds of gravy, stuffing, and three kinds of dessert. All in a day’s work. (This is what my Christmas day tomorrow is looking like too, woah).

So this year I haven’t had the luxury of time to be organised. I’ve still prepared my Christmas gifts for my special people months in advance, but this year they aren’t handmade, but they’re still curated with love I suppose. I’ve collected different trinkets, odds, and delights from around the world on my travels, which in one way or another is special too… I just have to let go of that stubborn side of me that wants everything carefully prepared by me and my glue-covered fingers.

For those of you who haven’t had the glorious gift of time, here is some day-before-shopping-madness inspiration to get you kick-started, because everyone loves a pyjama party.


J.Crew Pyjama Set in Plaid


J. Crew Heathered Flannel Pyjama Set


Chinti and Parker Star-Print Pyjama Set

Supplies Closet

Derek Rose Nelson Paisley Pyjama Set


J.Crew Vintage Short-Sleeved Pyjama Set

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