It’s been a strange summer this year, with swirling bipolar weather patterns taking us up and down the thermometer. To welcome us into all of this wildness, a deathly frost blanketed Europe late Spring, sending many farmers and gardeners alike into panic, all losing their precious early fruit and flowers for the year.

The summer lightning shows take me to novels like The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (T.S. Lawrence) and early film footage of Cousteau on his research voyages on the Calypso. The world is experiencing so much change at such speed that we are forced back into the observer’s seat to watch the story of our lives unfold.

One can expect then, that our natural universe that brought us heat waves, cold bouts, hail, and the most sublime sunsets all summer long, has deeply affected how our creative juices have churned here at Ponytail Journal. So once again we would love to bring you on board our ship headed to the sparkling waters of unmanned territory – that is the way forwards. It seems very familiar, yet a little strangely different all the same.

ABOVE Lauren wears / Maison Pere Lurex and Wool Olive Green Trench Coat / Filson Beige work pants / Forte Forte Beige Cotton Voile Blouse / Roseanna Mohair Orange Beanie / The Hill side cream sneakers /

ABOVE Lauren wears / Sessún Padded Military green parka / Essentiel Antwerp Cream knitted wool sweater / Vintage military style skirt / Patricia Blanchet California multicoloured glitter boots / Vintage French Boy Scout rucksack /

Shot by Frank Maniere / Styled by Stacey Cotter / Modelled by Lauren Yates

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