W'menswear presents PAPA NUI

W'menswear presents PAPA NUI

What we love about Papa Nui is his high quality craftsmanship and research based designs surrounding military and surfing. He's a kindred spirit who shares our hard-hitting values. The paps makes hats to be worn time and time again. Each wear adding character, making it unique to you.

"At Papa Nui there is a solid belief that you don't completely own something until you customize it and that's why the Papa encourages all to wear his caps hard, to wash, and beat and trash and bend and then to resew or to decorate because at the end of the day 'A man is the hat that he wears'." - Papa Nui

Catch the new styles available on our webstore: the Waikikian Cap', and the 'Beach Master'.

Sizing and fit questions? Drop a line to info@wmenswear.com

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