This month at Ponytail Supplies, we are so proud to be releasing some exclusive W’menswear collaboration pieces that will be only available at our store, as well as new season Spring Summer ’17 pieces! Take a look at the just dropped schwagg and discover just exactly why they are so very special to us.

The W’menswear Boat Dress

This Japanese Cotton Chambray and Thai Handicraft Cotton Boat Dress is the most comfy piece you’ll be wearing this summer. You’ll find salty details like oyster shell buttons on the back and cuffs.

The W’menswear X Ponytail Supplies Cargo Dress

The Cargo Dress is inspired by vintage repaired sails from the early 20th Century. The adjustable dress can be made to fit a multitude of body shapes, and is made from Japanese multicoloured-slubbed cotton, slow woven with so much character to show.

The Mangrove Dress

The Mangrove Dress is a 100% linen wrap dress, based on French women’s factory work dresses c.WW2. Right side over left, or visa versa, the design allows for both as the waist ties can be threaded through small holes covered by each pocket. The design is a versatile and accommodating garment for a variety of body shapes. Lined with ultra-soft cotton voile, you can wear this piece over a shirt or by itself.

The W’menswear X Ponytail Supplies Linen Denim Repairs Suit

This special collaboration piece is only available to PTJ Supplies, and made with a 100% linen denim woven in Japan. This one piece repairs suit is adjustable at the waist with a cotton twill tie that you can pull in for an hour-glass shape or leave loose for mucking about! We love wearing this outfit just out of the wash, hung dry to show off the true natural beauty of the linen denim that crinkles as it dries.

ll available now at PTJ Supplies.

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