W'menswear to Mission Control

W'menswear to Mission Control

From the first moment Geraldyn M. Cobb rode alongside her father in his plane, she knew she needed to be the one flying. After a series of jobs and incredible accomplishments in aviation, Cobb was approached with an opportunity - one that finally realized all her hard work and skill. In 1960 Dr. William Randolph Lovelace invited her to participate in a series of physical and mental examinations to test her ability to be sent to space. Cobb’s results were off the charts and encouraged the testing of 12 other female aviators. The group performed exceptionally well, and the women were later nicknamed the ‘Mercury 13,’ a riff on the name of the group of men that participated in the original testing, ‘Mercury 7.

W'menswear's AW19 research board.

‘ The project had no connection to NASA, and when approached, they turned it down with little explanation. Cobb brought the case to D.C. with hopes of changing the future for women in space, and ultimately, in aviation. The ‘Mercury 13’ are part of the inspiration behind the W’Menswear Autumn Winter 2019 collection, ‘The Universe Is Under No Obligation To Make Sense To You.’ Each piece perfectly combines the influence of aviation with the signature W’Menswear touch of vintage workwear. This W’Menswear collection perfectly encapsulates Lauren’s love of storytelling through her carefully designed pieces that weave history with modern technical fabric. The pieces in the collection range from a ‘Sheepskin Service Pilot’s Jacket’ handmade in Scotland, by you guessed it, Sheepskin Specialists. To a ‘Conspiracy Hat’ made from Technical Aluminium Rip-Stop with Membrane and lined with Japanese cotton. You’ll see all your favorite W’Menswear silhouettes in this collection - all with an exciting cosmic twist!

Shot by Eric Kvatek, modelled by Nia Towle and Anna Tatton.

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